It’s time to race…!

This is our last blog entry before we start racing, so here’s how things are going:

All airplanes are taking off in 30 second increments, starting at 8am. If you are based in the Maryland/DC area, you can come watch the takeoffs at Frederick Municipal Airport. It should be a cool sight! The Purdue team is Classic Racer 8, so they’ll be taking off pretty early! We are classic Racer 50, so it might be 20 minutes or so until we get to take off. We will continue updating the blog with our location and experiences, as often as our fuel stops/plans allow, but you can also follow our progress online on a map, and listen in on our flyby announcements at LiveATC, which set up equipment at all flyby airports for us! Tomorrow we will be stopping at Indy (Indianapolis Regional – KMQJ) so feel free to come by to see us. We should be there at approximately 2pm, but make sure you check our progress on the map to estimate how far away we are. We will also be going right over Lafayette, at a relatively low altitude, so you might be able to see us if you pay attention!

We are currently expecting some weather to move into Minnesota and the rest of the Midwest early Wednesday, which will make things interesting and a little unpredictable. We hope that it won’t be as bad as we are envisioning…

Back to flight planning now… We spent all day in briefings and seminars, and we are exhausted, so it will be an early night for us! Wish us luck!




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