Want to be a part of ARC 2018? Here’s what you can do!

While the Air Race Classic ended three weeks ago (the fun can’t last forever, sadly), our work is not done. We have been busy creating opportunities to share our experience with others, and preparing for next year’s race.

This week, Chloé gave a presentation to the local EAA member about everything we have gone through and everything we have learned during the race. The EAA members had a lot of questions for us and seemed to enjoy talking to us, which is always good. With the new academic year being just over a month away, we are now working on our outreach. We want to put our experiences to good use, and talk to groups of young girls in the area about aviation, STEM, and what they can do to succeed. That being said, if you are an educator, or have a group of girls in mind that you would like us to talk to, or do aviation-related activities with, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it work!

We also want to use our lessons learned from this year to improve our chances next year. We planned our ARC2017 participation in just over two months; we have 11 months left until ARC2018 and we plan to make them all count! If we have inspired you to change something, here are some things you can do.

  1. If you are a female pilot who would be interested in racing, reach out to us!
  2. If you didn’t know flying could be THIS cool, and now you can’t wait to get your wings and join the pilot ranks, let us help you get there! Purdue Pilots, Inc., will have a callout at the beginning of the semester – come talk to us Aug 29 and 30. If you can’t wait until then, here’s the website, just send us an email.
  3. If you love all things weather, and want to help next year’s team avoid thunderstorms, find the best tailwinds, and increase the airplane’s groundspeed, join our ground crew!
  4. If you know nothing about weather, but think it would be cool to learn more in time to help next year’s team, join the ground crew — there will be people to help you!
  5. If you love teaching and mentoring people, and you want to help others learn about weather, you know what we need you for!
  6. If you love cross country flight planning, calculating fuel requirements, and doing math on the spot, we could use your help! If you don’t know how to do any of this, you know we’ll teach you!
  7. If you are a student pilot and you want to improve your skills, or practice for your tests, this could help you!
  8. If you have a passion for social media, event planning, or anything of that sort, you can help us reach out to more people.
  9. If you always wanted to be a flight test pilot or engineer, we have plans for that, too! We want to get better numbers to make our flight plan calculations more accurate, and that will require some flight testing throughout the year — join the fun!
  10. If there is anything else you think you can do to help make the team as successful as possible, let us know!

We have 11 months to make all of this happen! If you fall in any of the above categories, you should definitely talk to us. Keep an eye out for more information as the semester gets closer — we’d love to have you on the team, and having a dedicated and well-trained ground crew will be crucial to our future success. We can’t wait to work miracles for yet another year!



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